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  • Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA): in partnership with motor manufacturers and die casters has developed the die cast rotor motor technology and demonstrated it to be a sound platform on which to design motors with efficiencies in the NEMA Premium® range and higher.
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  • Advanced Technology  Institute (ATI): coordinates and manages Department of Defense development contracts.
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  • Army Research Laboratory: oversees the Department of Defense funding and is identifying the Army and other defense applications where improved pump efficiency have particular potential for energy savings and arranges for suitable demonstration sites.
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  • Baldor Electric Company: a large producer of motors, gear drives and electronic control systems, and also provides the motor design for the test actuator.
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  • V-Forge: a prominent die caster and producer of viscous forged and semi-solid parts, who has provided die cast copper rotors parts for testing.  They are extending their advanced copper rotor die casting facilities to cast large rotors, having resolved issues involving the relatively high melting points in die casting  copper production.
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  • Electromech Technologies: current provider of fabricated copper rotor motors for aerospace applications.  Assembles and tests replacement die cast copper rotor motors.
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  • SatCon Applied Technology: provides the designs for the advanced copper die cast rotor motors, builds and characterizes the finished parts.
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  • Teledyne Technologies Inc.: develops and integrates motor controller software  and delivers final assembly to Boeing.
  • Boeing:  a developer of motor driven aircraft actuators.  Final mechanical and performance tests for electro mechanical actuator assemblies.
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